Burma 2015

IMG_2946Drivers hardships

However differences we have noticed throughout the globe in terms of driving logic, here, in Myanmar, we remained quite puzzled.



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Шведагон пагода

Reflections in gold

A brief overview of the situation reveals that everything here in Myanmar (Burma) is either Royal or “Shwe”. The first one is understandable as there have been countless kingdoms…



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Stupas in BaganTravel notes N7. Live the Bulgarian-Colombian realtionship, born in the heat of Bagan!

For your greatest joy, my dear reader, we reached the next and final point of our notorious Myanmar adventure. If there is still someone who has not understood yet, please call – 0888 … 🙂

Bagan! The most emblematic place of Burma, a well-known place, a place to remember.

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Maymyo Botanical Garden, Burma

Travel notes N6. Forgotten by bus, hosted by someone, sent by our travel god. The Burmese cloning of famous Bulgarian singer from the near past (Vasko Ketsa)

After the experience in the train-old man and charged with considerable dose of adrenaline, we arrived at Pyin Oo Lwin, our stopover to the way to Inle Lake. There, we had to transfer from the train – “Shinkansen” to midnight bus, which tickets we had bought quite diligently and deliberately two days earlier.

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IMG_1879Travel notes N5. Time machine – journey by train manifactured 1901

After the trekking around Hsipaw, where we felt like living 100 years ago, the adventure with the time machine continued. The country is still Burma or Myanmar as it is better known for the last 30-40 years. The route – Hsipaw – Pyin Oo Lwin. By train.


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Travel notes N4. Deep in the forest and high in the mountain in Burma.

Please, open google MAPS and enter Hsipaw. Now enter Pankam. Probably you will not find it, but we were right there. And round…



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IMG_1055 Travel notel N3. Mandalay in fire.

The outside temperature is 42 degrees Celsius. It feels like 47 according to Accuweather, but this is not true! It feels no more than 45 degrees. Under the sun or in the shade – it does not matter. In fact it matters – when under the sun, your shadow desperately strives to hide under you.


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IMG_0938  Travel notes N2. Already with vodka

Well, the adventure begun!

With a great portion of sleep, we – the early birds. Twelve hours our bodies were crying for sleep. And immediately we jumped right into the crowd.


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Travel Notes N1. Without vodka

Short travel notes. Without vodka. With a touch of tiredness 🙂

After three flights later and a day and a half of airplane day-to-day-life, we finally arrived in Yangon. This is the biggest city of Burma, capital from the recent past, the place which we chose for starting and ending point of our adventure.


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