About us

Our story:


We are young Bulgarian couple in their 40s.

Both of us have university degrees in Economics and Law. Years and years we have digged in the corporate world and managed to achieve high professional levels respectively in banking and governmental world. But all these years, the greatest escape and salvation from this reality (reality that drained off our life power) was the travelling all around the world.

We enjoy the feeling of being absolutely plunged into new cultures, new places, new ambiance, under new sky and new moon, breathing new air. This feeling helped us survive the corporate environment with all inherent complications.

So, finally, Darina managed to get off the corporate wheel and currently is exploring her inherent qualities organizing trips through Internet, practicing dancing meditation and developing her coaching skills as she is a professional coach and NLP practitioner. Daniel is still working in the government field as a magistrate but the good news is that he is having a looong vacation which gives him the opportunity to pamper his soul by travelling and exploring the world.

Darina is keen in foreign languages, dancing and singing. She considers her brain connections and attitude well fitted for these activities. Daniel is a drummer in his band and he loves playing rock with the guys. One more thing he loves as well is the after-rehearsal drink 🙂

IMG_5373We both are in love with Argentinean tango and as we take lessons we hope to go some day in the cradle country of tango to improve our skills. We play tennis as well – Daniel is the master and the coach. And last but not least, we love bicycling and everywhere we travel, we always practice it.

Besides, we are owners and manage two apartments that we rent in Varna (Bulgaria), our home town. Fortunately, we have well organized the business so we can afford to travel all around the world without hindering the business.

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