Tide story

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.”

Ibn Battuta

As it became clear from the above mentioned, this maxim applies also to us being average BUT travelers.

In today’s Summary definitely without vodka (the last stock finished somewhere after Singapore and before Sanur) we want to describe you the Bali tides.

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, beach, tide

Low tide, Sanur, Bali

This amazing natural phenomenon caught us unprepared last year (with our pants down), despite the preliminary digging in internet. While sitting on one of the perfect Lombok beaches with our new French amis, the ocean started to go away. But literally! Beneath our feet! Beautiful cove turned into a bald cove!

Kuta, Lombok, beach

Before the low tide (Kuta, Lombok)

Kuta, Lombok, low tide, beach

Low tide (Kuta, Lombok)

This year, however, being well prepared guides, we have found in advance a chart by days and hours of this natural phenomenon. No surprises! The aim was to secure the ocean for the band to bathe at large.

Can you imagine that every 6 hours there is a tide, i.e. four times per 24 hours the ocean goes back and forth? Why? The main culprit is Her Majesty – the Moon. If it happens to be new or full (as in our clinical case), the things become even deeper (or shallow). The displacement is over two meters! At low water (not to be confused with Pays-Bas where similar effect could be achieved with just one mushroom or cake, for example), we started to walk ahead, long after the buoy, which in this case looked like a little white goat, bound on a green meadow to graze (how descriptive sounds this – like a composition of 3rd grade student). As far as you can see – only green meadow! Really amazing phenomenon!

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, beach, tide

Low tide (Sanur beach, Bali)

From the venue place, your eyes and calamis were – the Prince (and Princess) of Tides.