Ubud, Feny and the hidden trasures. Bali summary 3

Green Field Hotel and Restaurant, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Darina and Feny in Green Field Hotel, Ubud

Somehow it happens that during each trip we meet interesting interesting people on the way who enrich us and broaden our horizons. Even we try to guess who will be our next find – a sort of brainstorming. In Myanmar first were the two guys from Netherland that we made trekking with in places where the time has stopped 100-200 years ago, later – a couple from Colombia conquered our hearts and it happened that 5 of us (+ a french guy) drank 24 dark draught beers ABC (if you consider this like an evidence). Last time in Bali a french couple crossed our way and we spent together the next 15 days. It was a great fête (this is for the Francophones). And in Cuba we encountered two Bulgarians from Varna, who lived for many years in Vancouver …

Lombok, Indonesia, french friends

Our french friends

Bagan, Burma, ABC, Colombian friends

How we drank 24 dark beers with our Colombian friends

Our hidden treasure turned out to be the operational manager of our accommodation in Ubud. Feny worked in this place for 14 years, started from the lowest level and gradually climbed up the hierarchy ladder, she speaks several languages, including Japanese and French, which she studied alone because of the guests; she is extremely kind, responsive and positive nature. But what impresses most is her advanced thinking. And the greatest proof for this is the fact that thanks to her foresight and perseverance, her elder daughter study in the most progressive school that has been awarded 2012 Greenest School on Earth. And the kid is one of only 27 Balinese kids among 500 students from 30 nationalities in the school. But all about this amazing place we had the chance to visit and participate in ceremony honoring the goddess of knowledge – Saraswati, thanks to Feny, we will tell you in the next summary. After the time spent with Feny, we can honestly say that we feel her as part of our family.

Green School, Bali, Indonesia, Saraswati day

Darina and Feny, Saraswati day in Green School