Green school

Green School, Bali, Indonesia

The courtyard of Green School

This special post is just un overture to what we saw and felt in Green School Bali. I will begin with a famous refrain:

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


Imagine a school with vision like that:
“Our perspective on education, reflected in our curriculum, is that we are not filling a bucket, but rather lighting a fire.
We cannot possibly teach everything that there is to be learned. Thus, we endeavor to teach students to “learn how to learn” by giving them the skills to do so“.

And now imagine that such a school exists. Deep within the jungles of Bali, a school made entirely of bamboo seeks to train the next generations of leaders in sustainability.

Green School, Bali, Indonesia, bamboo

Main Building, made by bamboo

IMG_4369 IMG_20151128_095352
Can this really be a school? The lessons take place in open-sided bamboo pods. There is a rushing river that runs through it – at the side of it, a swimming pool for the kids has been dug. A bamboo bridge runs over the river, where lessons sometimes take place.

Green School, Bali, Indonesia

Bamboo bridge

Green School, Bali, Indonesia, bamboo bridge

Bamboo bridge inside

Some days children go away on a surfing day. Others spend in silent retreat. There is a mud pit where the children do martial arts.

Green School, Bali, Indonesia, mud pit

Mud pit

There is no bullying in this school. There are no uniforms. There is no concern with passing exams. All they want is for children to pass out “whole – and OK with themselves”. Drama, art and music are at the centre of the curriculum, on an equal par with science and maths.
This place with its eight-to-one pupil to teacher ratio – three adults in every classroom – has all the resources to produce amazing test scores. But it isn’t interested in that – or not primarily interested. It is interested in creating a whole human being.

How we got there, in Green school, you can read here.