Reflections in gold

A brief overview of the situation reveals that everything here in Myanmar (Burma) is either Royal or “Shwe”. The first one is understandable as there have been countless kingdoms and capitals since the beginning of the history of the country, so the not-familiar-in-details tourist gets into complete confusion without much effort. The more interesting issue is the one that concerns “Shwe”. You can find it everywhere and elsewhere. Temples, pagodas, hotels, shops and restaurants, all the names begin with “Shwe”. Enlightenment comes with the knowledge. “Shwe” means gold, golden. Well, people here honor a lot that side.

But, for us it will remain a mystery why in the so called “first world” countries “Shwe” is so widly spread. For example, two European countries have borrowed “Shwe” in order to define their territorial identity – respectively Golden (Swi) Tzerland and Golden (Swe) Den. Soon it is expected that Golden Prague will be renamed to Shwe Prague. And all these according to the Burmese traditions. Come on, stop it. Barman, give us a Golden EPPES (Schweppes), lemon please, because we are already thirsty! In fact, give us a beer, please. We don’t want to discredit ourselves! 🙂